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Who we are

We are a dedicated group of industry professionals with diverse expertise in design, engineering, and customer service, working collaboratively to create innovative and reliable trailers while providing exceptional support and guidance to customers throughout their journey.

Our Mission

We provide not just the freedom of the open road, but an effortless and modern experience along the way.


Our Story.

Camper trailers have been the vessel for American travel for more than 100 years. Aero Build, Coast’s parent company, was born out of a passion to modernize this age-old concept.

In 2017, Aero Build Founder Brian Fuente saw a vintage camper trailer that had been converted into a mobile bar. He recognized both the need and opportunity that existed in not just retrofitting aged campers, but building new ones from the ground up, and incorporating those classic head-turning expressions with modern technology and function. With some sweat, trial and error – Aerobuild was born.

We now provide not just the freedom of the open road, but an effortless and modern experience along the way through business trailers and now, Coast, our all-electric travel trailer.

Made in Nashville.

Our high-quality trailers are produced in Nashville, Tennessee, delivering exceptional craftsmanship and innovation to meet the diverse needs of customers nationwide.

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Core Values

Aero Build is not just the trailers we produce, but the culture we foster and people that are a part of our organization. We hold each-other accountable for three things: integrity, innovation, and ownership.


In the same way structural integrity is what keeps our trailers on the road, organizational integrity is what keeps our team moving forward. Integrity is more than just doing the right thing when no- one is looking. It’s the highest degree of personal accountability, expecting the best from those around you, and understanding that when we pursue excellence together, it also draws us closer and unifies us.


If we are to apply modern comfort to classic designs, it requires us to approach our work with a spirit of innovation. That is to say - with curiosity, with an excitement to find new ways to solve problems, and to tirelessly say “How can I make this better?” This ability to innovate is what makes our recreational vehicles, and our team, a cut above the rest.


We take pride in things we own. Whether in the warehouse or the front office, we approach our individual work as if the business is our own. This means we approach it with passion, with care, a sense of pride, and with determination. When we do this together, we get down the road a lot faster.

Our Team

Meet the team.

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Join the team.

Join Aerobuild and be part of a dynamic team shaping the future of trailer manufacturing, where innovation and passion converge to create exciting career opportunities.

Unplug & Recharge

Live on your own terms, and experience the best in mobile living with Coast.

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